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Trumpet FAQs

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Reverse Lead Pipe

The term Reverse Lead Pipe describes the top portion of the tuning slide. It means that the slide fits over the lead pipe as opposed to being inside the pipe. This allows uninterrupted airflow through the horn. This is a great feature for lead players and those who often play above the staff, giving some level of advantage for the more advanced player.


Manufacturers will often use the material known as Monel in the construction of their pistons. It’s an alloy known for its strength. This provides a smooth movement within the valve casing the longer you play the instrument.

One Piece Bell

On instruments of a higher make or quality you will often see the term one piece bell. This means that the bell section will vibrate more evenly and without interruption. This a more nuanced component for the more advanced player, most student level instruments are constructed with two piece bell sections.